Jardim do Mar

Aptly named the Garden of the Sea, our village is uniquely blessed.  Meandering waterways, lining every narrow cobbled pathway, feed the terraced gardens cascading towards the sea.  An abundance of vineyards, banana trees and vegetable gardens provide opportunities to explore and discover lovely new nooks and crannies throughout your stay.  Tucked away and nestled in between colorful cliffs and the expansive sea, most visitors would agree that Jardim Do Mar is the quintessential Madeiran village.  Leave your car in the car park and amble through the pedestrian pathways past quaint homes, breathing in the fresh fragrance of the abundant flowers to be found around every corner.  The pristine beauty of this village, seemingly lost in time, reminds you how rewarding it is to get away from it all.

Helpful tidbits and snapshots of the village:

* best micro-climate on the island - enjoy the true eternal spring (15 degrees to 25 degrees).
* friendly rural folk walking to and from their gardens make you feel you have traveled back in time where a slower pace of life is enjoyed.
* Quite a few ex-pats also call Jardim Do Mar home for at least the winter months.
* Pedestrian cobblestone pathways lined with levadas (irrigation channels) meander past quaint homes overflowing with flowers and often separated by garden plots and vineyards providing leisure exploration and new discoveries each day of your stay.
* Hike past terraced gardens and levadas climbing the mountainside leads to a BBQ area with a lovely vista overlooking this pristine coastline.
* More adventurous hikers could carry on to Prazeres on the mountain plateau above and on through the waterfall gorge winding down to the picturesque fishing village of Paul Do Mar.  If you time the low tide, one can continue the hike along the cobblestone coastline skirting the colorful cliffs on the way back to Jardim Do Mar.
* Surf the famous waves of Jardim Do Mar and Ponta Pequena, or sit back and enjoy their power and beauty.
* Sunbath and swim at the port, enjoying some freshly picked lapas (limpets) or povo (octapus) at the cafe afterwards.
* Joe's bar or the Portinha are perfect for drinking a cold beer or some village wine, while catching a football or rugby match.
* Check out the local gallery with paintings and prints of local landscapes by a Welsh artist.

Jardim do Mar has also become the island’s meeting point for the international surfing community during the winter months. The dominate northwest swells wrap around its cobblestone coastline, marching down the coast throughout the fall, winter and spring.  Boasting some of the world's best cobblestone pointbreaks, you need not be a surfer to enjoy these majestic waves for their sheer beauty and power.